oh, and happy, happy friday.
by victoria comment


oh that mrs. lilien. do you know her? if not, you need an introduction, pronto-like, before the weekend is upon us. for dear mrs. lilien of styling and blogger fame has just written a book, mrs. lilien’s cocktail swatchbook. i suppose you’d call this a non-fiction book, because it’s all about concocting the perfect little party cocktail, and my goodness, it’s bloody well color coordinated at that. match your cocktails to your wardrobe, perhaps your snappy sandals, heck match your cocktails to your undies! whatever color you can dream up, the mrs. has a cocktail just for you!

i’ve shared a few other snappy pics over on my style post on babble.com today, so for more libation ideas, pop on over there. and in the meantime, might i add, have a lovely weekend everyone. bottoms up. see you on monday!

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4 responses to “oh, and happy, happy friday.”

  1. Ohh..this is a definite must have for our Palm Springs soiree’s. I met the lovely Mrs. Lillien , she is so charming and friendly. She is the real deal !!
    Have a splashing weekend !

  2. Those little animals and swizzle sticks bring back good memories of my parents bringing them home to my sister and I after they had had a night out.. Cute!

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