the slug and the squirrel.
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i received a lovely email from designer Jose ‘Jojo’ Agatep recently and was so delighted when i checked out their shop, the slug and the squirrel! the terrariums they create are magical — “In a laboratory of living design, we conjure art and science to create unusual living objects of wilderness – inspired by far-away landscapes both discovered and imagined.” indeed, they do!

the slug and the squirrel makes terrariums in found bottles and vintage glassware of all kinds, making them that much more unique. all built by hand, and created with homegrown plants and wild moss grown locally, using sustainable and responsible practices, each terrarium is more beautiful than the next. i had a difficult time narrowing down just a few to share with you. for a peek at the entire slug and the squirrel gallery, pop on over, and be sure and check out their blog, too. the slug and the squirrel terrariums can be found at these fine retailers.

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  1. These are stunning and absolutely magical! They’re so different from everything else you see. These would be beautiful in a tiny apartment to make it look more inviting and creative!

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