things that make my heart sing.
by victoria comment


just a few things making my heart sing lalalalala this week: minty fresh chairs, via nordic leaves; Wooden Mini Bowl set from wind and willow home; zangra porcelain light socket with neon orange cord; and these neon wooden bowls, also from wind and willow home.

a wondrous collection of mix and match chairs, via lily.

a merry mishap’s rad hand cut geometric stacking rings — i want them all; west elm’s natural tree stump table; aesthetic movement’s soap dish for izola showers; and lastly, this traditional Wood Saami cup from neëst — It seems that in Finland, if this cup is traditionally offered to a loved one, it will bring luck and happiness. nice.

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  1. So yeah, I actually want EVERYTHING in this post. Every. Single. Thing. I don’t even care that I can’t plug that light into an American outlet—I want it anyway. I want that open magazine on the table that I can’t see, just because I’m sure it’s great.

    See, sometimes I really DO like to pretend that you just write this blog for ME. ;)

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