movie night.
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i’ve been dying to have an outdoor movie night since i moved into a place with a backyard. doesn’t this look like fun? the campy, pastel-colored vintage lawn chairs just kinda make the whole thing charming. that and the sheet-as-movie-screen. i gotta do it. a showing of the royal tenenbaums, or perhaps something a bit more nostalgic, like roman holiday. hmmmm…what would you play?

•photographed by Jason Busch for vogue.

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  1. love this idea. might have to steal it this summer. i would love to show old reels of silent laurel and hardy with music to accompany. it would bring right back to rome where we watched the same thing with live piano set against the backdrop of castel st. angelo.

    yes to the lawn chairs!!!! they look awesome.

    i do love the dolce vita and roman holiday suggestions too. defintely something old that could have been played on a drive in screen before. it would be a hoot.

  2. totally random and off the top of my head:
    any old western with clint eastwood
    roman holiday
    national lampoon’s vacation
    500 days of summer

    actually any movie would look great in that setting!

    and super butter-y popcorn and ice cold drinks would taste better outside, too. :)

    i’d add some bugspray. and cushions for the chairs so i wouldn’t end up with waffle-y-looking legs for the rest of the night. :)

    thanks for a great idea!


    • Good call Kathy Amelie, national lampoons vacation and 500 days of summer! Love those choices. Havent seen Forest Gump in a while that might be fun :)

  3. I love the idea of an at-home, outdoor movie night but I always think that because we live in San Francisco it is not do-able. This cute little set-up is do-able even in our small SF yard. I may just have to get something on the books…

    And, because we have a little one, I would play Alice in Wonderland or the Wizard of Oz – an enduring, family-friendly classic.

  4. definitely one from childhood – probably “The Parent Trap” (Hayley Mills version, obvs), or maybe something fun & dumb like “Clueless” or a cartoon movie (“Aladdin,” “Beauty & the Beast,” or “Robin Hood”).

  5. I have been dying to host an outdoor movie too! I love the idea of having refreshing cocktails and movie snacks like popcorn and chocolate covered pretzels. Outdoor games would be great before. I love the ping pong table in this photo, but a simple Twister board painted directly on the grass would be perfect. As for the movie, something that reminds me of childhood and summer. Maybe The Sandlot?

  6. Hm, I might go with something campy like Modesty Blaise or perhaps David Lynch’s uniquely sincere film, The Straight Story, which is based on a true story.

  7. I say make it BYOLC.

    And for sure I would screen “Meatballs” because that movie just IS Summer to me, even though I have never set foot in a Summer camp myself!

  8. Pranzo Di Ferragosto – it’s absolutely brilliant, even if you don’t speak Italian…

    …or one of the Lord of the Rings films, because they’re SO bad you’d end-up having a nice conversation and playing silly games instead. xx

  9. I was thinking of ones from childhood too (Grease came to mind), but I think that’s because I saw these at Drive-Ins. Definitely something light, though. Someone else mentioned Roman Holiday–that would be lovely.

  10. outdoor movie night is definitely part of our Summer plan. We just redid our backyard and we can’t wait to have friends over for this. We’ll have to show something kid friendly – a Pixar perhaps?

  11. I have been remodeling my backyard with this idea in mind. We are using a cement wall that goes up from a tile fountain for double-duty, and have been testing a bunch of inexpensive projectors that are cute too. (See Apple’s version for under $400).
    I think Id play “new lie after heartbreak” movies such as “Under the Tuscan Sun” and “Delicacy” and “Eat, Pray, Love.” :)

  12. Our neighborhood does this during the summer for all the kids; we have teachers in the neighborhood who have projectors and we hang sheets on gargage doors. It’s super fun, but we’ve never watched a grown-up movie; that would be great!

  13. What a great idea! I’m inspired to do the same in my ‘hood… Hmm.. You can show double bill too.. a kid’s movie and then an adult one. You could also have a summer theme and show movies that support the theme or you can get your regular attendee to make suggestions for films as you go along. Make sure to have plenty of trash stuff.. Folks are sooo messy!!

    Alfred Hitchcock, Katherine Hepburn, Classic Disney, Musicals are lovely at night!

    Have fun!

  14. What a fantastic idea — love it! Altho I’ll have to borrow someone else’s backyard because ours is way too full of mosquitos… I love the idea of Amelie or Roman Holiday, but I’d probably go with The Princess Bride — something fun for kids and adults.

  15. I just did this in August with some friends and we watched Roman Holiday, it was just an excuse to dress up, but it was tons of fun!
    We used tons of blankets and pillows to sit/ lay on so it was picnic style and it was a bring a bottle of wine to share party.

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