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hello! i’m back again, and this time i’ve brought you a big, blank, white wall in the bedroom of my dreams – look at those beams!

oh my word – the possibilities are endless! since this is not a conventional bedroom, i thought it would be fun to put some very unconventional artwork in there. let’s start with this:

ahh, the neon tape of chicago based artist alex menocal – the perfect hit of modern in this beam-filled bedroom. if this was in fact my bedroom, i would love to have a group of fluorescent triangles installed from my gorgeous floor to my stunning ceiling! {maybe if i say “my” enough times, it will actually come true?!} 

if neon isn’t your thing, perhaps i could suggest a giant diamond made from salvaged bits of wood:

yes! huge diamonds brought to you by rotterdam based artist ron van der ende. i love that this room is filled with wood, and that these pieces are made from wood, yet they look nothing alike. besides, who wouldn’t want to wake up to a diamond this big every morning – am i right ladies?

now, every week i show work by various contemporary artists, and every week at least one person says “i’m going to try that at home”, so today i thought i’d actually include an artsy diy {and fyi, i am totally going to do this in my new house!}

thread & nail art! who remembers this from the 70s? oops, i just totally dated myself – oh well, it was worth it. i found that ampersand a few months ago, and bookmarked it immediately. then i found “home sweet home” by debbie smythe, followed closely by the work dominque falla – and voila, an obsession was born! i am going to get out my ruler, a pencil, my hammer and nails and get to work – and you can too! here’s a little step-by-step on how to make your very own thread/nail art {ooh, but watch out for your thumb!} see you in two weeks with more art on more walls ~ the jealous curator xo

• bedroom image via canadian house & home.


  1. I love all of your original ideas for this series. And especially this one as I NEED some art for our bedroom – we have a peaked roof too (but no beams unfortunately).

    Love, love, love.

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