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I’m really in love with these vintage cinema posters from the illustraction gallery. these selections from their romance category are just a little bit cheesy (in the best of ways), and at the same time so great, with their amazing typefaces and colors, some from japan, and europe, spelled out in the international language of love. i think they’d look so fantastic framed well and displayed in a bedroom or bath. illustraction’s collection focuses mainly on the Pop era (between 1959 and 1975) – an era where artistic creativity was at its height, the illustraction gallery’s ultimate goal is that rather than talking about a poster because of its title or lead musician or character, you start calling the poster by its designer’s name, instantly granting those artists the recognition they are fully due. you can find a whole amazing range of poster art for purchase in the illustraction gallery.

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  1. I’ve always wondered if people who put up vintage posters in their homes have a connection to the movie, band, event, etc. in them. Is it somehow inauthentic to put up a poster just because you like the design but know nothing or have little tie to the thing it advertises?

    Either way, what an incredible shop!

  2. Dear Victoria

    I cannot be grateful enough for your post. am so thrilled that my humble site attracted your attention and captured your aesthetic eye. I do indeed try to sell posters that I love first and that first have an artistic quality to them rather than being just famous because of the actors. This is why I carry a lot of foreign posters from Italy, Germany, Japan and France (I am french btw) on top of the ones from the US which are most well know here
    Don’t hesitate contacting me if you need any info about posters you wish not just to buy but showcase on your exquisite site
    To you and all the blog readers, have a lovely day
    Daniel (from illustraction Gallery)

  3. Hey You Beautiful Lady!
    I just LOVE your blog. Do you know that? If not, now you know!
    I love all the inspiration, design, photos and art you post on your blog.
    It is not so often I comment on your blog, but I read your words every day,
    every time you post something new.

    Okay, lots of LOVE from me today.
    But I actually mean it.
    From the bottom of my heart.

    Hugs from An-Magritt

  4. That “stolen kisses” one – oh my! I might have to find a spot for that in our home – they’re all fab, such a vintage fan, but the colors in that one captured me!

  5. This is such an amazing resource! Being quite the film nerd (especially when it comes to film noir), this website might be my new favorite thing; and the perfect solution to those empty frames I’ve got strewn about my house. Thank you so much for sharing!

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