i wanna wake up here tomorrow.
by victoria comment


i’ve decided i’d like to wake up here tomorrow morning. a Stunning house on the Thames, via light locations. looks so dreamy, doesn’t it? i imagine picniking on the thames all day by the boat house and then making my way back to this summery holiday home for a long leisurely nap. you with me? yeah, i thought so. ahhh, one can dream.

• all photos via light locations.

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  1. Thames is capitalized. This house reminds me of some weird passageway of what it might be like when we die! Ugh! No color on the walls, not much art to speak of and it seems a totally untouchable house where one but have to wear all white, including pristine socks and gloves to even be in it. What some coral or blue or any bit of color would do to help it come alive and not look like a masoleum.

  2. Hmm, at first I did think how lovely it looked…but after a second look I do think the white is a little too much for me, as Jessica said, I would start to think I had entered a parallel universe! It doesn’t necessarily need pops of bright colours but some gentle greys or neutrals, or more texture would keep my interest. It’s a little bland for my taste but then life would be very dull if we all commented “oooh, how lovely” all the time wouldn’t it?!! and if we all only liked white, I’d be out of a job for starters!

  3. I’m not normally attracted so much to homes/rooms with so much white. And so absent of artwork. But, this looks so tranquil and soothing. I’m sure the house having such great “bones” is part of it as well as the wonderful textures in the wood and wicker. Thanks for sharing. It really is dreamy.

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