glass houses.
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what is it people say about glass houses? i think it’s just that the people who live inside them shouldn’t throw stones. but hey, if i lived in one of these gorgeous glass-filled houses, i can’t think of one good reason i’d want to throw stones. i’d be so happy. so soothed. so content. i love big picture windows and i especially adore this wee glass home above designed by Ville Hara and Linda Bergroth. lots of glass, light and all the space i need.

Designer Paola Navone’s Paris apartment, via cote maison.

rosendal by petra bindel, above and below.

Jasper Conran’s home from world of interiors magazine, via the rural society.

beautiful glass study by architect michael haverland.

beautiful bright room with loads of light, via rachel whiting photography.

pretty picture window, via line klein.

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  1. It’s funny, I love the idea of a glass house on a lake somewhere but I don’t know if I would ever be able to live in one…I would feel slightly exposed. But then again, look at these places, I would probably put my fear aside if need be :)


  2. These are breathtaking! I feel calm just looking at them. I think we forget just how therapeutic and invigorating a white space can be.

  3. How cool is it to have a full grown palm tree inside your home? Mine are still small, but I’d love to keep them inside when they grow bigger.

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