sunday in the city.
by victoria comment


this sunday in the city i took a little morning stroll over the ferry building farmer’s market. boy, was it bustling! i just took my time though, meandering through all the colorful stalls, running into jordan for a bite of her amazing donut, and checking out all the yumminess in general. you kinda feel like you could gain 10 pounds just from looking at it all. i snapped pics instead of eating it, and came home with a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers. works for me.

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  1. We’ve lived on the East Bay for over a year now and still have not made it into the city for the Farmer’s Market. It looks like a gorgeous way to spend a Sunday morning. :)

  2. How beautiful! I’ve only been to SF once and definitely loved the colors and the vibrancy of the market. Thanks for posting these!

  3. I bought some Happy Girl Sauerkraut today at the Lafayette Farmers Market. Full of probiotics when fermented! Who knew!
    Great photo’s.

  4. I just love the Ferry Building! When I’m in SF, I love to meetup local artists there for interviews for IAMTHELAB. It’s the perfect backdrop for anything.

  5. Just missed you! Was there one week ago with my son. Me, visiting from Arizona, and him from Portland OR. Love your pics!!

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