style + space.
by victoria comment


some days, i don’t have a lot of words. i just like thinking about style and space. the yin and yang of things. a little of ‘this’ plus ‘that’ quite often equals a lot of things i love.

roman and williams + davide bignotti

portraits via plastolux + surf style via skateland.

roman and williams + a river runs through it, via vineet kaur.

FEST collection by Mae Engelgeer at bijzonder mooi* + statue of liberty.

careless edition + miss moss’ beautiful peggy sideboard by stokperd.

14 responses to “style + space.”

  1. I think I’m the most partial to the last duo. I imagine if I looked out of the window in that room, that’s the view I would see. I nap time perfection!

  2. Pairings like these are so inspiring to me! I love bringing the outdoors in, or seeing how an interior space fits into the big, grand scheme of nature.

  3. I think I came across your blog a while ago but just have just had a real good look around, I absolutely love it. Your right also that sometimes pictures speak louder than words and we can use them to portray how we are feeling without having to write screeds of words. I love this collection of images. Off to look around a little more.

    Lee ☺

  4. Love the imagery gathered from these, especially how everyone sees something different. For example, the second to last reminds me of my family trip to NYC and being at my mother’s place the same summer. Lovely, thank you!

  5. I love your blog and am big fan! Your post today is so beautiful, especially little Peggy since I made her. Love from Stokperd (not Storkperd…that means stork horse, what a crazy animal that would be)

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