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well, this wonderful new online shop made my day. it’s called book/shop from Jessica and Erik Heywood. based in the bay area, BOOK/SHOP features a monthly curated book selection, art and broadsides, as well as small goods and furniture. i kinda just love their manefesto:

“We’re committed to the reading experience. The surprise of one page turning to the other. The little luxury of sitting in a great reading chair, inhaling the scent of a beautifully made book…”

their lovely line of introductory furnishings: small bookcases, inspired by 20th century classics. BOOK/SHOP also has a permanent installation going in at Gravel and Gold in the Mission later this month!

a book / shop happy customer: from Tyke O’Brien, “an educator who moonlights as a decorator” shares the vintage Richard Brautigan wideside “Five Poems” she purchased and framed beautifully above her Saarinen dining table.

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  1. So happy to have discovered this! Books are one of my very favorite things and I love the idea of a curated collection of items to go with them.

  2. I love their aesthetic. And hmmm, how many amazing pieces of designer furniture can I spot? Bubble lamp, pretzel chair, laurel lamp, tulip table…it’s like a fun game of eye spy!

  3. Haha! Well, Marjorie, Robin, and Erin, I should probably clarify that that top image is not our shop- we’re online only right now. We chose that image for our “About” section because of the mood it creates. Glad you guys like it!

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