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i’ve always had a thing for Philippe starck’s ghost chairs. they don’t scare me one little bit. i love the idea of how the clear, clean lines might uniquely contrast a heavy farm house table. a girl can dream — one day they will be mine! but design within reach does have them on sale right now, so maybe the dream is not so unrealistic!

• photo of philippe starck via design boom by marie françoise prybys.

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  1. i was just thinking i may cave and get one for my ‘desk’… the one that i hardly use because i prefer the dining table. a sale might put me over the top!! i’ve always wanted one (or a set) too… :)

  2. Gosh, the rate at which the price of these chairs have gone up over the past few years is nuts. I bought one in 2003 or 2004 and it was under $300.

    • Hello, Kelly.

      I wanted to point out that the chairs you found on Sugar Stores are knock-offs and not associated in any way with the designer Philippe Starck or the manufacturer Kartell.

      Whether you want to buy the Starck design from Kartell or another version is up to you, I just don’t want anyone to buy something accidentally due to misleading product names and confusing marketing.

      Please note: I work for Design Within Reach, a retail partner with Kartell, so I’m obviously very biased! :)

      You can tweet me at @dwr_tweets or chat or email ( if you have questions.

      Mark Simmons

  3. I have to say, I found the way you and Anna Dorman responded to somebody copying your website design to be bullying and disheartening. I understand this is your livelihood, but calling someone a “loser” (as Anna did) just lowers the whole discourse and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The woman took it down promptly. I just find the whole concept of public shaming so repellent, and your friend Anna seems to always take this perverse vigilante glee in it. You’ve both lost a reader in me.

    • sarah, i can understand the way that you see it. i didn’t enjoy any of it, at all. and i never intended to bully anyone. here’s a few things you might want to know:

      – we did write to her and ask her to remove it, she did not reply.
      – when she did write anna back she said she thought the flowers were clip art – so she knew she was copying right off the bat. she admitted to that after we tweeted it, not before. she ignored us before.
      – also, she teaches web design for bloggers – that’s more upsetting to me than anything. that she might think copying directly from someone’s copyrighted design is okay and to pass it off as so.
      – she did not apologize to me. not once. and this is my brand. it’s how i make a living.
      – i knew the twitter thing was getting out of hand, which is why i said what i did about it be so unfortunate.
      – i am truly sorry for how you feel, but i did not get one moment of glee from that, and probably should have held back. but i was angry and upset – not just for me – but for shanna murray and anna, who worked hard on my design and this woman was just blatantly stealing their designs, passing them off as her own to her STUDENTS – none of which is cool.

      that’s just my two cents. i’m sorry if you choose not to read any further. i truly am.

      • Thanks for responding and clarifying. I’ve always found you to be a kind and fair person, I guess my issue was more with your cohort, who I’ve always found to be incredibly mean-spirited. I’m glad you got it sorted out.

  4. Gorgeous! I love how you do only see the lines. It’s great especially for boldly decorated spaces like the black and white tiled area–it doesn’t add any visual clutter (obviously). I’ve been able to find both delicate AND bold wall art that could add some really nice accents. I love the ‘neutral’ collection because it’s interesting but doesn’t visually dominate small spaces like apartments.

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