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i love kinfolk magazine. not only is the idea behind it a beautiful, neighborly one, the quality of the magazine production always shines through, too. their new issue of kinfolk is out, and the pages in their sneak peek look just as luscious and captivating as the issues that precede it. kinfolk’s team of writers, editors, stylists and photographers and everyone in-between really capture something special, a place that’s just a little more peaceful and a world that’s a little less rushed — “simple, uncomplicated, and less contrived”. i’m excited to get my new issue, crawl into the teepee for some quality reading time and fall under kinfolk’s spell yet again. kinfolk, take me away.

[ check out the kinfolk gallery for lots more beautiful inspiration. ]

• all images courtesy of kinfolk.

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  1. Hi Victoria, what a lovely post on KInfolk, it really is a beautiful magazine. I’d like to introduce you to our new store, Folklore just opened in London. We stock Kinfolk and were excited to receive our shipment of Volume IV just this morning. You can buy copies at and we ship worldwide :)

  2. This looks incredible – I may have to order a copy. I think you should come visit Traverse City one summer and escape for a simple life vacation :) xo

  3. hah! and thanks to you (thank you!) i was able to buy issue numero uno straight from their website! i can’t wait to get it! i also watched one of their videos (dinner for two), and my heart just melted. gah! i can’t wait to find my God given significant other! (o^_____^o) ♥

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