find your art. love your space.
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welcome to a brand new, but old familiar face, the team at invited a bunch of us bloggers to partner with them and learn about what’s new a couple of weeks ago, and sponsor a few posts so i can share with you what we discovered. i learned a lot about art, and maybe even a little more about heart — what art means to the people behind the company, and what the changes to their site mean to you. first of all, their new look is bold, and fresh and much easier to navigate. with over a million prints to choose from on, the options could be a bit daunting. now, you can narrow down your search by subject, artist, art styles and a ton of other options. black & white, versus color, landscape versus portrait — you can even upload your own images and create your own art.

another cool new thing about that i loved and think you will find most helpful? if you take a photograph straight on of a room you’d like to add artwork to — you can now upload your image and try on any piece of artwork simply by dragging and dropping them onto your uploaded image online. so you can see art on your wall before you buy it. that makes the process of selecting what kind of art suits your room best that much easier to imagine — it’s almost like a virtual paper dolls for walls!

The new website is filled with original content featuring art and design inspiration, curated collections by designers and tastemakers, social and sharing features and great new tools to help you find the art you love so you can love their space more. One of my favorite collections is the condé nast collection — vintage images from the pages and covers of their magazines, like vogue and vanity fair, like these prints you see here. invited the blogging team to select one image from their site, framed them and set up a viewing gallery for us at the bold italic where the summit was held. each of us went around the room and spoke to why we made these particular selections. it was so much fun, and really enlightening to hear from each of the bloggers and the team about their selections — some of them were most surprising, and very often moving. i choose this image from vogue, 1954 photographed by Leombruno-Bodi because i loved the way this woman stood so confident and sure of herself amongst the whirl of action around her. somedays i just want to stop it all and take a much-needed pause, and this image speaks to that for me. plus, i love that harlequin pattern — one of my favorites.

oh, and Check our their rad new TV spot too — i love this crazy mashup where the brushstrokes of Monet and Van Gogh leap off the canvas, confetti freezes mid-air as a nurse and sailor kiss the war goodbye, and where the newspaper beauties of Roy Lichtenstein are fully-formed for the first time ever.

• dining room image via Danish photographer Line Klein.

5 responses to “find your art. love your space.”

  1. Another one of my soft spots – art for the walls! I am such a chaotic maniac when it comes to wall art. I like so many different styles – I love modern illustrations, graphic designs, antique pictures, retro posters…oy!

  2. I have a feeling I’m about to waste lots of time virtually testing art on my walls!

    and I love that image you chose. That might need to live in my house.

  3. Thanks for this post. So much fun! They have made it a lot hipper for sure. Love your choice from Conde Naste. I keep wondering how the photographer did that. Overlapping negatives maybe..

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