tuesday’s girl: nine space.
by victoria comment


welcome to nine space, a lifestyle brand that seeks to bring comfortable and unique designs to your living space. they’ve just completed their lovely Summer ’12 lookbook and their collection features casual beach accessories and the latest in Turkish foutas and throws, perfect for lounging on a white sandy beach in hot summer months, or keeping warmer on those fogged in days so common here in san francisco. i love the idea of picnicking with one of these throws, or wrapping one around me. either way, the wares from nine space are just lovely.

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  1. Gorgeous photos! Make me miss home, the ocean is such a beautiful place. Thanks for the intro these throws are so pretty and you’re right perfect for wrapping up.
    Heading over now.

  2. Stephanie Williams did such an awesome
    job on the photographs for their summer
    LookBook. Her photos are always such
    a delight!

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