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we’re furiously working to get makeshift society ready for a september opening, so i’ve been heavily browsing the interwebs for design ideas for the workspace. we want it to be a place to get stuff done, but also kinda homey — so i’ve been seeking home office interiors to get some ideas. there’s some good ones out there, so if you aren’t in the bay area and unable to join makeshift, you can still make a pretty nice workspace at home. and then, just visit us when you come to town! we love our creative comrades everywhere!

we’ve already scored some cool vintage lockers much like these — we’re going to add little neon knobs to them — like these, via style at home magazine. and some white eames chairs in the mix, too.

lovely styling ideas from both llamas’ valley magazine and style at home.

i was very inspired by public school — a co-working space in austin, texas, via from the desk of.

we’ll be using lots of vintage finds and keeping some spots cozy, like beneath the loft area we’ve created; via roman and williams (above and below).

we’ll have a big library table with mix and match chairs and some lounging chairs too, via fantasic frank.

task lamps are a must, and some cool, uncluttered work space, via ikea livet hemma.

we’ll have industrial chic pendant lamps and more mix and match desk chairs, via bolig.

• top images via llamas’ valley magazine.

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  1. loving all these inspiring looks for the home office. My daughter will be leaving home at the end of the year to get married, and while I’ll miss her terribly, the up side is I can turn her bedroom into my office/craft room, (with a fold out bed for when they visit of course). :-)

  2. i cannot wait to open. gah. maybe we just load a bunch of furniture on a flatbed semi and drive around the city? the weather is cooperating finally.

  3. I love these! Especially the second one. Sometimes I wish I could paint rather than write, just because those beautiful industrial style spaces seem like they need something more visceral than thinking happening in them…

  4. I’m sure it will be amazing! If you need some help hunting down any vintage pieces, I’m your girl. In fact, I think I have some white pendant lamps that would be perfect!

      • I have some side shells in various colors — orange, greige, light ochre, white, red, and some blue upholstered ones. I have a wide diamond chair too. Email me if you wanna talk! :)

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