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oh, the first impression of an entry way! beautiful door? check. very cool orange stairs? check. art… well, that’s where i come in:

this amazing entry way was photographed by bruno suet, and the moment i saw it, i knew i wanted to hang some art. normally, i give lots of different size options, but i think this space calls for a really big*, bold piece. you know, something that really ‘pops’:

get it? soda pop. ok, you get it – moving on. so, there is an * here. these fantastic screenprints, by london’s ‘the design conspiracy’, are only 25″x19″ – but i think it might be worth a call to see if they’d do a huge commissioned piece! hello giant lemon soda!

and now for something completely different {but still orange}:

oh la la! french painter stephane dauthuille is a master of skirts and legs – and i want those feminine orange stockings hanging in this industrial entry way!

and finally, for my last big piece of artwork in this fabulous space:

yes! lots of knots by american artist terrence payne. his work is absolutely stunning in person – he draws {or, “colors”, as he would say} on huge pieces of paper, with bright pastels. he recently designed a wallpaper with hygee & west, which i absolutely love. would his wallpaper and his drawing be too much in this space? i say, no way – bring on the knots!

ah, there. i feel better. big art successfully hung. see you in two weeks with more! ~ danielle {aka the jealous curator}




  1. Great piece. I don’t know if you do these often, but you should. It’s a very cool idea. I might have to repurpose it somehow, so thanks for that inspiration.

  2. Could you give me the name or a link to Stephanie Dauthuille’s black and white painting in the bottom right? I just love it.

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