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  1. Thanks for featuring this room, Victoria. The designer is my super talented little sister, Emily. She had an awesome team working with her on this project and the wallpaper on the ceiling is to die for. I also love the neon sign and I was responsible for the photo wall in the shape of a heart. We found two sisters to model for us and we used some of my personal Instagram photos and a few black and white Holga prints to make it happen. Super super super rad to see this on your site. Woohoo!

  2. Thanks Victoria for sharing this! And thank you all for the wonderful comments. This was a fun room to design! The heart wallpaper on the ceiling is by a local SF designer TimothySue.com and it’s actually removable! Def check her out!
    I have a few of the pieces still available for sale if anyone is interested, please contact me.

  3. awwww. i. magnin hat box. great logo. great store. (wiping away tear) RIP.
    everything in this room is totally fabulous. love the lavender/chartreuse/fuschia curtains. yum.

  4. I saw this room at the showcase and was very jealous of this room. My teenage room was HIDEOUS. but this space, I love it, and I think it would be a space that grows with any teen. I mean, currently I would scoop up the light fixture and the heart shaped photo montage and the couch and…etc.

    This room made me happy and I couldn’t say that for every room in that showcase.

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