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Growing up, the holy grail of childhood treats was a bucket sized bowl of ice cream served with all the fix’ins. Remember the 5-gallon containers they used to sell at the market? Those were intense. Nowadays, I still enjoy that delicious, frozen, milky delight. So, when I stumbled upon Smitten, I turned into that fascinated boy again.

The coolest thing about Smitten is they have mastered the process of making the freshest ice cream possible. Using quality ingredients & simple recipes; they create each batch right infront of your eyes. They even developed a patented mixer that uses liquid nitrogen to aid in the freezing process. For those of you who didn’t ace chem 101, that means faster, creamier ice cream for every one. And it’s super tasty. :)

Next time you’re in Hayes Valley, drop by & grab a few scoops!

Nathan Michael

Without question, the vanilla ice cream with pistachio brittle was my favorite!

my new friend, nia, definitely agreed.

Featured above is Smitten’s fresh strawberry, white balsamic ice cream. you. will. die.

* all photographs by nathan michael

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  1. Yes!!! I went to smitten last time I was in SF and it was the creamiest ice cream I’ve ever had. Had the chocolate with pistachio brittle, delicious! It’ll become a regular place to visit on my trips to SF.

  2. We have a place right here in Redlands that does the same thing called a la minute and it’s seriously delicious! I can imagine the flavors you showed are to die for!

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