paint my house, please.
by victoria comment


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so, i just wanted to apologize right off the bat for sharing the eyesore that is the outside of my house on the blog. bleecky! but the fine folks at sherwin williams heard my cry and have very kindly offered to paint my very hideous house, so we’ve partnered to share a little “before and after” with you. my home has not been painted in over 20 years to my knowledge. so, we’re going to make it pretty! i’m tired of telling people ‘i live in the ugly yellow house’, and i’ve been mulling over some new colors that i think will give this 1936 home a fresh, new, modern look.

the paint is from a brand new line, HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams and i’m going to be making a pretty dramatic change. one reason is the bus line — it zooms right by my house everyday, and i thought painting it a dark gray would be the way to go, so it wouldn’t show so much soot, and also because i love the color. so the main color will be Gibralter — a rich dark gray, and the molding around the windows will be a lighter gray called morning fog. and i’ve decided on a bold poppy-colored red called gladiola for the front door which i thought would be a nice compliment to the red brick staircase.

here’s an important question for you guys, though. should i paint the garage doors the HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams gladiola red, too? i think it could be quite smashing, but it’s a bold statement to be sure. i was inspired by some of these houses around the neighborhood. see where i’m going with this? will you weigh in? you can see all the HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams right here.

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  1. Your front door is high and sort of tucked in, which could make the red more subtle if that’s the only place it shows up. The garage doors appear in the photo to be the most visible from the street, so for high gladiola impact, I vote to paint the garage doors.

  2. Love the colors — do the garage doors too please! That added repition of the bold pop of color will be so worth it against those gorgeous grays.

  3. yes, DO paint the garage doors orange. repetition is an important design aesthetic, as you probably already know! it will look so fab!

  4. I’m planning on doing a similar pallette and have been struggling with the SAME question! In your case, I think gladiola on the garage will look great…but if you’releaning towads that whole monochromatic look…just the front door would look good too! Oh, painting. Sigh.

  5. (sometimes I think one is not supposed to comment unless they agree)…in my mind, your house has more Spanish/stucco/earth bound roots than the Victorian you are comparing it to. What I recall of SF are the pale pastel stucco houses that ring true to the material. I’d find an earthy color that you like, even if it is a mauvey pink or something: how about a color similar to “setting plaster” from Farrow and ball?

    in 2011 Farrow and Ball came out with some amazingly fun painted rooms in their gallery. Unfortunately not all the images are seen on the original site. If you go both here:
    and here:

    you might be able to find a pastel / earthy AND modern combination that will set your house free, and keep it grounded as well.
    and I’m sure what ever you do will be lovely.

    • oh no – other opinions are always welcome. and i love a pastel, pale colored home, but as i said – the bus line drives by all day and the house gets covered in soot, so a darker colore will help to make it at least look less dirty.

  6. Really love the colors! The grey and red work wonderful together! I say a red garage door would be awesome! If you hate it in the long run, you can always find fun in repainting it to a different color!

  7. I repainted my 1909 craftsman home in a similar palette (also Sherwin-Williams paint) about 4 years ago and have never regretted the choice. My window trim red was a bit more tomato-y, tying it back to some exterior brick. Shingles were painted medium gray, trim a darker gray. And I used SW’s Edamame green for the soffits.

  8. LOVE the color choices! I’d go with the red door only though; I like how the garage blends in with the house in the second photo. Either way, it’ll look great!

  9. This house has a Spanish and Cottage feel to me. I’d take a good look at the roof, and paint the little gable the same color as the roof, and then also paint the door the same color, because then it would recede like doors do in cottages, inviting you in.
    Ultimately it would be fun to juxtapose modern black steel case windows in the front, with flower boxes which would be a great place for a pop of color.
    Lastly, I’d go for a pale earthy pink; sand with pink thrown in. But keep the tones deeply dark and moderately white so the separate elements read well.
    I love the details at the bottom of the ‘dormer’, and the wood on the gable and on the doors. Those textures are such nice details.

  10. I was going to say paint the garage doors grey but then I was looking at it again… Your front door is so far from the street and the garage that I think you could get away with the orange. Also, it would help ensure people don’t park in front of your driveway ;) Can’t wait to see it… I drive past there all the time!

  11. Yes, DEFINITELY paint your garage door red! I actually think that without that the all grey would be pretty low-impact and unspectacular since your front door is so recessed, as others have pointed out. The red garage door will be a great bold pop against the neutral. I love the orange, by the way, because it’s kind of like a brighter version of the Golden Gate Bridge’s International Orange. And the fact that it will be paired with a grey called morning fog… perfect! So San Franciscan!

  12. Go for the red gardiola for the garage of course! You gonna have a really gorgeous inspiring fa├žade… Bravo Victoria, good deal!

  13. One thing I wanna know: who sees that color as red and who sees it as orange? My husband go through this all the time… to me, it’s orange!

  14. red doors = good feng shui. go for it (although the gladiola does look a tad bit orange to me).

    your landlord’s awfully lucky. (i thought you were going to have to move, by the way?)

  15. I love the grey colors and the orange-red you have chosen.
    Your garage doors are cute so you don’t need to hide them!
    If you paint them that poppy red the whole place will sing.

  16. Yes on the red garage door! Most people will not see your front door, and a dark home without a pop of color is just sad!

  17. You gotta do it! I would even paint the two walls and ceiling coming off of it gladiola as well. I can’t wait to see the final color!

  18. Yes, for the garage doors. Definitely the gladiola. Your house will become “that house” that people mention in conversation, briefly describe and everyone automatically knows which house they mean. Because they’ve all noticed it and admired it before. Distinctive. Tasteful. Bold.

  19. I kinda agree with sara. SF seems light, breezy with a beachy feel. The grey says wintery and enclosed with the orange door added to give the palette some pop on a cold frosty morning. It’s a gorgeous grey, but it could end up making your place feel a bit heavy and sombre even with the orange.

  20. imagine coming home on a grey, cold, misty november day after a long trip somewhere. you’re bundled up against the california cold. (that’s something people don’t understand unless they live here…it goes right into your bones.) so anyway…you’re coming down the street, past all the other houses…and then you see them…your smiling red garage doors saying “welcome home, victoria! we’re glad you’re here.” yup, i say go for it and don’t look back. it’ll be great. it’ll be “home,” and as someone else said…it’s just paint. you can always change it. good luck!

  21. No, don’t paint the garage door the same color as the door. You want to attract the eye to your door which is welcoming …. not the garage door. The garage door would be such a large area of red that it would be the only thing you see. How about doing the garage door in the trim color and do something else that would take your eye up to your front door. Maybe plant some colorful bushes or put bushes in some great pots that mirror the lovely color of your door? I think garage doors aren’t that attractive to want to highlight.

  22. You know I think the garage doors should be a glossy black- and yes definitely a planter in red. Think of the pleasant surprise when you mount the front steps to the red door.

  23. I think those colors will look really great. We are thinking about paining our boring beige house a dark grey also, but with white trim and a dark aqua blue door. I think I want to paint the garage door the same dark aqua blue also, but maybe I’ll have to wait and see how your orange garage turns out.

  24. I vote for the red garage doors. Surprise! Everyone above has said what I wanted to say, but I do want to add that sometimes you have to be practical like using the dark gray because you’re on the bus line and the bold garage doors because you really can’t see the front door. I live in sunny Florida but I love dark and bold colors but they fade too quickly for the amount of work and money it takes so I’m going white for the main body with grass green trim and bright purple doors (not the garage doors though, I have a double door and a French door so that’s enough purple). I have never thought of garage doors in a bold color but my friend painted hers a bright green and it looks fantastic! Like your front door, you can hardly see hers from the street. Compromise and rule breaking are sometimes needed!! ;-)

  25. Well, I’m going to go against the grain here and say you should *totally* paint the garage doors, V., despite the overwhelming number of “no’s.” But you know me, I’m a trendsetter that way. ;) Gorgeous colors!

  26. Definitely love the idea of painting the garage doors as well! I think the front door is too hidden to be the only accent. Either way though, the colors are great!

  27. Yes, paint the garage door red. I have a beige house with a red garage door.

    I always tell people looking for my house to “find the house with the red garage door.” Works every time.

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