lemon zest.
by victoria comment


there’s nothing quite like a nice bit of lemon zest to liven up a room. yellow is such a light, happy color, no? how can you be blue, when everything thing has a sunny, yellow disposition? yeah, i have no idea, either. just the tiniest little burst of yellow can put a whole new, upbeat spin on a room. see what i mean?

clockwise, l to r: barbara groen; happy home; Côté Maison; the design files open house; douglas friedman photography.

dottie angel’s yellow clogs; and number six via paper+cup sketchbook.

dos family.

stylist raina kattelson.

the selby; johanna ekmark photography; and david a. land photography.

• top image Solbrinken Ordinary House in Nacka, via dezeen.

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