blasé beauties.
by victoria comment


i’m in a bit of crap mood today for a reason i can’t quite put my finger on. for the sake of brevity, let’s just say i’ve got the sunday blues. no one to play with, so i’m working. sorry, but we all have those days sometimes, right? it gets lonesome around here and today was one of those days, so i decided to try and take something not very pleasant and put a creative spin on it. i’m trying to turn the blahs into blasé beauty — neutrals, pale shades that might be considered bland, but sometimes just suit your mood. tomorrow is another day! what do you do to chase the away the sunday blues?

images clockwise l to r: brubeck suspension lamp from delightfull; Estelle Hanania photographs Biarritz via nowness; sofa from pinch design; stacking shelves; both bedrooms via, gardener and marks interiors; and armoire also via, gardener and marks interiors

Two Is Company, photo by Pavlos Tsokounoglou, via yatzer.

vintage medicine cabinet via vtwonen; gray malin’s a la plage photography; white bedside lamp via skönahem; minimalist dining room via VTWONEN.

• top image heart home magazine.

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  1. well i hope things are looking up. my sunday was spend organizing in the basement. not the funnest thing, but it was a gray raining day here so not a bad way to spend it. if it’s summer….jump in my pool, take a ride along the ocean, cook something fabulous.

    have a good week V.

  2. Gosh..playing with my beloved dog ‘Coconut’ cheers me up..he is sooo goofy with his big paws and sweet folded ears….BUT…..a bowl of rice pudding does it for me as well!

    Give your sweet Lucy a BIG HUG…you will both love it! xo

  3. thank you for this post and the comments! I’m living alone (1st time in my entire life) and I find I now hate weekends! If I have no plans I have no idea how to fill them. the beauty you managed to find here is very impressive. love all of the photos!

  4. I’m a bit of a reading freak so I read for a bit and make a fruity drink (nont necessailry alcoholic…haha). It seems to work for me! If you get a sec, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo

  5. Ahh! Inspiration overload. I love the simplicity of it all.

    I totally understand what you mean though, I felt the same way yesterday as well. I suppose we all get in those sorts of moods every now and then… I sometimes watch my favorite shows on Netflix, or browse through Pinterest for inspiration and pick-me-ups. :)

  6. Thanks for posting such honest feelings. We all get days like these and the more that blog people mention them when they happen, the more readers will appreciate that they’re not alone when they feel sad, desolate, unfulfilled or just plain melancholy. It’s a little part of life that try as we might we can’t always escape from, and in reality, if people around us know we’re a little blue, they usually help. Great blog, hope you’re feeling more ‘chipper’ today lol

  7. I hope that you’re feeling better today, Victoria! To chase the blues, I usually try to tackle a nagging thing on my ‘to do’ list. I can’t help but feel better at the other end of it.

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