not just any old knobs.
by victoria comment


aren’t these the sweetest little handmade knobs? these landscapes are part of a new collection called English Romantic of wooden hooks and knobs made by london-based designer margarita lorenzo of chocolate creative. and i also love the pastel and primary colored solids and floral knobs, too. for all of the lovely home accessory collections, including cushions, tea towels and prints from margarita’s chocolate creative visit the website.

14 responses to “not just any old knobs.”

  1. Cute!! I love looking at the knobs at Anthropologie, but I can imagine these would be cute to DIY from your own photographs and stuff, so I’m loving this!!

  2. I am so happy to see my work at sfgirlbybay, thanks Victoria for showcasing the new hooks and knobs. I love and follow your blog and today you have made me a happier Margarita haha…Regards from London and thanks again for all the comments.

  3. I’ve loved these hooks for ages + I definitely want to get some. So pleased you’ve shared Margarita’s work, too – she’s one of the most positive and encouraging people I’ve met through the blogging world!

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