cactus flower.
by victoria comment


i took a little lunchbreak on my patio this afternoon, and couldn’t help but find it quite peaceful back here, this weird little space off my kitchen nook. i keep killing everything in sight out here, because it gets an awful lot of wind, so i’ve finally succumbed to succulents. they do just fine in the gale storms that whip down from twin peaks into poor wind-swept noe valley. i highly recommend these hardy, drought-tolerant souls should you too have a black thumb. i thought i’d share a few pics — i had my caftan on and was feeling rather hippy-dippy. enjoy, or at least — indulge me.

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  1. Love your photo’s this morning. I am in love with these California plants presently. They are really nostalgic. The first plant is cool too. I have one and it just mysteriously flowered a yellow bloom the other day. I’m in love with Cactus. There is a new place in San Rafael that sells these little one’s that look like a cross between a kidney bean and a chicken liver. The shape is really cool!

  2. succulents are the best disguise for a black thumb. all my friends are convinced at what an awesome gardener i am, but really I just have a bunch of large succulents, ferns and tropical plants that do well with water once a week and i have held alive for a few years.

    love your blog and your style!

  3. Succulents are the best! But if you ever want to try a few plants again, check out Annie’s Annuals. You can find the website and blog online, and they are located in Richmond and grow everything outside, so I’ve found a lot of plants that are specific to coastal climates and wind.

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