going green.
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man-oh-man. i saw this home photographed by trevor tondro for the new york times and had one of those swoon-worthy moments. i envy this casual, very bohemian and completely effortless look so much. it feels so lived in and comfortable. i’m also noticing a big trend towards the use of lots of green in decor lately which i think adds to that easy going, ‘i wanna hang out here’ factor — whether it be living plants, bold fresh kelly greens or softer, pale muted tones, everyone seems to be going green.

bold green bedding, via residence magazine.

vintage toy ironing board as plant stand from oh, albatross, via remodelista.

new york apartment brightened with living plants, via a cup of jo; and anthropologie blocked planter with succulent.

designer chelsea hing, via desire to inspire.

stylist tina hellberg captures the trend perfectly, above and below.

beautiful vintage chair via desire to inspire; and dresser loaded up with greenery, via stylist tina hellberg.

bohemian modern at its best, via making nice in the midwest.

15 responses to “going green.”

  1. Really lovely. Both of those bedrooms caught my eye, and even though they’re quite different, I’d be very content in either one. Green is typically a very healing color as it is associated with the heart chakra. Every room could probably do with a little bit of green.

  2. i live in oregon and i never realized how much i wanted to bring the green outside, inside with me until recently. this is a great collection.. and that bedspread… man.

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