Drinking the Summer Garden. glug. glug.
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it’s friday. we should have a cocktail. maybe two. and some nibbles, right? yep. and we’re in luck — garden expert extraordinaire gayla trail and photographer/designer davin risk have self-published the first volume in what they hope will be an ongoing series of homemade living, eating, and gardening pocketbooks called, You Grow Guides — available both in pocketbook and digital versions.

The first volume, DRINKING THE SUMMER GARDEN: Homegrown Thirst Quenchers, Concoctions, Sips, and Nibbles is an ode to the summertime play of Gayla’s childhood: “I remember warm afternoons with a friend concocting sticky mixtures of crushed popsicles and assorted confections in my plastic play kitchen. These sickly sweet potions, the fuel for our hyperactive revelry, are always at the top of my mind when I whip up a new drink in my now adult kitchen. They may be decidedly more palatable and use slightly more refined ingredients, but the spirit of fun and experimentation has stuck.” You can find their beautiful guide here. I don’t know what libations you’re making this weekend, but I’m trying out one of these. Cheers!

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  1. I’m so glad you’ve posted about this. You Grow Girl was one of the first gardening websites I became hooked on after purchasing a house with a large garden. Gayla never ceases to amaze me with her talent for all things botanical, as well as her inspiration to grow your own food (and quench thirsting ingredients) and the fact that you CAN grow it, anywhere! So proud to have this gardener in my city! This guide will be a welcome addition to my growing library.

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