eclectic paradise.
by victoria comment


i got my august issue of vtwonen today and was blown away, as per usual. the dutch magazine always has a way of featuring the most eclectic bunch of interiors, with boundless inspiration and this issue is dedicated to summer colors. these gorgeous images are a vintage-modern mix of odd pieces of furniture and accessories you might not ever expect together, but they totally work. and oh yeah, check out the very fantastic lighting. the whole issue of vtwonen is great this month — you can see a sneak peek here.

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  1. Beautiful post. Makes me want to impose pink on all my boys!
    Does anyone know anything about that print in the first picture?

  2. This might be a dumb question, especially since we can’t even get a subscription, but does is it come in English?? haha, I can’t read a thing! I am smitten over these pics!! Wish we could get it here in the states.

  3. Hi, I just found out on VT Wonen website that people outside the Netherlands can get a subscription! It’s on this page: Subscription for one year outside Europe is 122 euro. But keep in mind: the magazine is in Dutch :-)

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