modern marrakech.
by victoria comment


who woulda thunk that mid-century danish modern meets marrakech would work? i’m not sure my brain would have gone there, but the designer for moroccan hotel riad el fenn definitely got it right. the august issue of lonny magazine features the small luxury 21-room boutique hotel in the heart of marrakech and every little nook and cranny is sublimely stunning, from the lush color palette to the eclectic mix of unexpected furnishings, call me utterly inspired.

• photography by patrick cline.

20 responses to “modern marrakech.”

  1. So incredibly beautiful. I live in an old house, so I have a love for archways and columns. The colors and architecture make such a striking combination. It’s so soothing, but visually interesting, which I find can be difficult to achieve at times. I especially love the deep teal and the light pink.

  2. Wow, what a beautiful place!! I love the colour and texture of the walls in that first photo. It makes me sigh.

    Thank you for this fabulous post!

  3. Thank you all first of all for the post and ofcourse for the wonderful feedback, it is indeed a wonderful place to stay and to manage. Hope to have you one day as our guests, warm regards, willem

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