this is not a tie rack. it’s serendipity.
by victoria comment


Prepare yourself for serendipity, in partnership with SmartWater.

this was indeed intended to be a tie rack. but i don’t own any ties. however, i do own a bunch of necklaces that i spend way too much time untangling on a regular basis. the other day i was so frustrated at the puzzle of tangles i’d made i felt a little like i was losing my mind. so later that afternoon, when i saw this vintage tie rack for sale, i swooped it right up, knowing right away it was the serendipitous answer to my many tangled messes. i wouldn’t call this diy, that would be one helluva stretch. but i did screw it into my bedroom wall and i’m quite pleased with the results. i think it looks just dandy. and it frees up my vintage dish full of bracelets and watches to live all on their own. they like a little independence and a tangle-free life.

i like discovering the odd, serendipitous vintage piece and turning into something somewhat unexpected and giving it a new, meaningful and useful life, don’t you? have you given something new life? do tell.


13 responses to “this is not a tie rack. it’s serendipity.”

  1. This looks brilliant! Love the industrial look of the tie rack with the pretty colours in your necklaces. I recently discovered a solution for keeping my necklaces and oher jewellery…I had an old medicine cabinet with a towl bar on the bottom of it and I hang my necklaces from the towl bar and the other jewllery in vintage tins inside the cabinet part. It works great and keeps my pretty necklces from tangling!

  2. A Victorian cheese press now used as a dish for shells, pebbles, found beads and sea glass on my coffee table. People can never figure out what the holes are meant for!

  3. How nice your tie rack looks! Love all the color! I got a really old sewing machine (from the 19th century) on a budget and put it in the hallway. I put my favorite shoes on the pedal and my husband hangs his keys from where the yarn is supposed to go. Looks just lovely and reminds me of how my grandma held me on her lap when I was little while working at her old sewing machine.

  4. Actually this is not a TIE RACK. It is a rack used to hang automotive belts from. You can still see them in some auto parts stores & garages. I ran an auto parts store for many years & these racks lined our exterior walls above the shelves. We used a long pole with one of these hooks attached to retrieve them for sale. Sorry I didn’t keep any when the store closed in the 90’s, but just too much to deal with @ the time. Great re-use with that industrial look so popular now. If there was a machine shop they would’ve been really GRIMY tho.

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