collective soul.
by victoria comment


i love a well-curated collection. whether it be a stunning art gallery like this one from the apartment, or a well-loved pile of books, when pulled together as a cohesive collection it’s perfection for me. like-objects grouped together as collections just work and look effortlessly stylish. these are some real good ones.

a shop called all that is solid, via what she has found, above and below.

floor to ceiling built-in bookcases, via elding oscarson.

more Marvelous built-in bookcases, via HEGE GREENALL-SCHOLTZ.

perfect styling: sean fennessy photography; photographer hallie burton; and styling by amanda rodriguez.

the perfect reading nook, via the apartment.

the exchange, and the Guesthouse Maison Rika in amsterdam, via elle interior.

13 responses to “collective soul.”

  1. that EVERYTHING IS SHIT, EXCEPT YOU LOVE i adore, where could I get that, maybe one of the art.coms? not sure, thought it was a tumbr one-hit wonder thing

  2. I love the wall of frames and pictures. I’d want that in the place I end up living in on my own. The stack of books are awesome also. Love it.



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