hey! it’s a photojojo giveaway.
by victoria comment


woot! what’s that you say? yes, indeed — my friends at san francisco-based photojojo are hosting a rather fun giveaway! they’d like to introduce you to their pinterest boards, so they’re inviting readers to pop over to their sfgirlbybay pinterest board and take a look around. two winners will win a $50 gift certificate for the photojojo store towards a purchase of anything they like, just for following and commenting below with your favorite pin. some of my very favorite cameras and accessories have come from photojojo, like the cute little instax mini.

to enter to win one of two $50 gift certificates to buy anything you like at the photojojo shop:

• visit the sfgirlbybay photojojo pinterest board and follow.

• take a look around at their pins — some of their favorite images featured on sfgirlbybay.

• comment back here with your favorite pin by wednesday, august 22nd.

• please be sure and leave a way to reach you via twitter, facebook, email or your website.

• we’ll select two happy winners and announce them on twitter the following week.

• have fun!

133 responses to “hey! it’s a photojojo giveaway.”

  1. Photojojo has the cutest camera/phone accessories – thanks for reminding me to visit their store and for the giveaway! I’ve seen your pin with the nook full of ceramics before, but it’s still one of my favorites.

  2. It has to be vintage-inspired portrait wrapping paper, so beautiful and unique! Plus my mom used to wrap birthday gifts using old lookbooks from her children’s clothes shop and I’d skip to my friends’ birthday parties with them. This feature brought it back for me.

  3. Adore the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market in San Francisco pin! Its always great to see farmer markets form other places and on top of that it looks so fresh and deliiicous!

  4. I love the white pottery collection in the nook! I really like the white dishes against the blue background. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. i have always been in love with that ‘springtime style’ photo!
    i soooooo want that gorgeous skateboard, even though i know i would probably fall off within the first 20 seconds! it would make me learn to board for sure!
    much love to sfgirlbybay and photojojo!

  6. My Fave is the Inspiring Photo wire with clothespin-Pin!!

    I loved that when you posted in on your blog ages ago. You’re the best! :)

  7. Oh man — the Grand Central pin is making my heart swell a little. Just relocated from NYC to LA and I’m missing some of those amazing sights. Thanks for that one!

  8. The Kusmi tea looks good, ’cause apart from the tea itself, I can think of a bunch of ways to use those canisters. Cute.

  9. I’m loving the pin of all those black & white/vintage photos clustered along the walls above the simple brown furniture. I never thought clutter could look so clean! Makes me feel like I should embrace my own propensity for holding onto things :)

  10. Love love love the DIY envelopes. Always fun to make, and a great way to reuse various magazines, etc.

    DIY Envelopes from up-cycling Fashion magazines, brilliant! From SFGirlByBay by Pugly Pixel

  11. I adore the decoupage 101 pin. I’ve been thinking about doing that with my boys, as an end-of-summer craft project. they can use the box to put in their summer trinkets and souvenirs.

  12. I love the photos on a wire with clothespins pin. Such a lovely idea for displaying vintage photos. I might have to try this one!

  13. I adore fashion mags, beautful blooms & riding a cute & coloful bike so my FAV is the Adore magazine pin. Such a pretty collage!

    Thanks for the opportunity to be apart of this giveaway! How exciting!

  14. It’s a toss up between “She mustn’t swoon” and “white pottery collection in the nook.” I love the image of the pottery but the image + caption of the other is too amazing. Love you both Victoria and Photojojo!

  15. the DIY envelopes template pin is genius! I am all for up-cycling magazines since it is so hard for me to just throw them away.
    the gardens under glass pin is also amazing, love that it looks so simple and natural.

  16. The Grand Central Station pin makes me happy! I would love to paint a front porch ceiling light blue someday. I’m not even Southern– but boy, did they get that right!

  17. i really like the diy wrapping paper!

    you can reach me via twitter – @sharon – or with my email address dearanxiety at gmail

  18. “she mustn’t swoon” television taboos, 1949.
    What I’m drawing now is very close to this photograph. Nice coincidence!
    Inspiration on the right moment ;)
    I love it!

  19. Love the white pottery in the nook :) That’s something I would love to do at home, plus that photo pops out because of the contrasts :)

  20. My favorite pin was the wire and clothespin image. It’s such a simple way to show off recent photos or small snippets of inspiration. I love how easily you could change the images out for different occasions!

  21. The DIY wrapping paper pin sent me to a different place, dreaming of collecting old family portraits to craft for special birthday, Christmas and anniversary wrapping. Thanks Photojojo. You always make my day bright!

  22. I love the pin about DIY Envelopes from old magazines. It would be such a great way to store random stuff or to make a quick note to a friend more special.

    Reach me on Twitter at delsol10 if you need me!

  23. Up-cycling fashion magazines is my fave pin. Such a simple idea but very striking. I love the idea just as much now as when I saw it a while back.

    I can be contacted via twitter @denotedesign or via email ” info[at] denotestationery dot com ”

    fingers and toes are crossed!

  24. I love the white pottery collection in the nook pin. The contrast is beautiful and I’m finding that I love solid colored dishes.

    Oh, and the woodshop sf pin was a close second =)

  25. I love, love, love the ‘Ferry Building Farmer’s Market in San Francisco’ collage! Makes me want to go there, buy some fresh produce, and make delicious things with it. Can we go… like, now? I’ll make you lemon zucchini bread!

  26. I love ‘all that lovely inspiration’ because it reminds me of the photo wall I put up in my dorm room every year. You can reach me on my twitter @kgirll13

  27. The photo collage all over the walls is insanly beautifull, i want something like that to my room :D .
    By the way, my twitter is @Perocheeeco

  28. Woodshop SF for sure. Makes me dream is summer days with no agenda. Those days don’t come around often where I live. Documenting these days would be a great positive! @retrocircles

  29. They’re all such great pins, but if I have to choose my very favorite it’s Ferry Market. I live in NY but my sister and her family live in SF; I have so many wonderful memories of visits to your AMAZING city!

  30. i will go for the kusmi tea… because it’s also my favorite tea, and i miss it so much since i’m not being able to find it where i live now!

  31. The Farmer’s Market post has got to be my favorite. It’s so lovely! You’ve inspired me to hit up my local Farmer’s Market this weekend :)

  32. Oh, I love the metal wire with clothes pins holding photos. I have been thinking of doing this very same thing in our studio space or as a headboard above our master bed. Adorable!

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