all that glitters.
by victoria comment


all that glitters, is not necessarily gold. it could be something shimmery, glowing, or simply have that magical golden, glittery touch. glimmering in sunlight, or swinging from a chandelier, a shining object that catches your eye — and you just know it when you see it.

Hotel Wiesler, Graz, Austria, via emma’s design blogg.

style essentials.

Venice Observed, Elle Magazine, by Gilles Bensimon Christian Dior.

fridas fina.

other times vintage table.

Katarina, by Karolina Karlic.

apartment therapy.

Radical Palms, by Hugh holland.

fridas fina.

• top image Gold Dust, by Sylvia Hommert via art space.

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  1. Cool sconce above the bed. I saw one at a Thrift shop last week. I should of bought it. It looks good against white… instead I bought a glittery/silver beaded 1930’s coin purse. I love glitter. Thanks for the treat.

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