unexpected guests: jamie alexander.
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it’s been too long since we’ve had an unexpected guest, but today we’ve got a great one — san francisco local jamie alexander. jamie runs park life, a wonderfully cool little art gallery / boutique in the richmond district with business partner derek song. jamie is also known for having amassed a great art collection of his own, including pieces from artists like chris johanson, Barry McGee, paul wackers, as well as some great furniture finds, so we’re going to pop in for a quick peek at his charming home today. should you find yourself in the inner richmond, stop in at park life have a look around and say hello to jamie.

What are a few things about San Francisco that make you call it home?
Unlike the suburbs where I grew up, San Francisco has a lot of diversity. Plus food, art, shops, public transportation, music, history, noise, people, parks, buildings, friends, family. I’ve come to depend on these things.

What is the best way to get to know your neighborhood?
Walking it a lot.

Any secrets about the city you think we should know?
The Inner Richmond, still a gem of a neighborhood that is under the radar.

Recent art exhibit we should have seen (or still can).
David Shrigley, at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Favorite Dive Spot:
in the Inner Richmond; Fizzee’s Bar on Geary at 4th ave. It’s a total disaster.

Favorite Posh Spot:
in the Inner Richmond; Aziza on Geary at 23rd. great food and cocktails and sufficiently under-lit. Or Pizzeta 23 near my house has great food but its pretty tiny.

Favorite vintage find:
Saarinen Tulip dining set from the 70’s at the Alameda Flea Market several years back.

What’s currently on your turntable?
The new Walkmen CD.

What talent do you wish you could master?
Public Speaking.

What do you most treasure?
My Family.

What bores you to death?
Caillou, this cartoon about a round-headed Canadian boy that my four year old likes but may have recently grown out of, thankfully.

You’re stuck inside for three days all by yourself and can’t leave, what do you do to keep busy?
Read, internet, cook, movies, clean. Doesn’t sound too bad actually.

• all photos by Carol Vaziri.

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  1. I love all the original artwork & natural light!
    And yes, Caillou is the most annoying kids show ever so I will not let my toddler watch it.
    So very grating.

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