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hello again! so, i’ve put a lot of art in a lot of places during this series, but never on a fire place. that just seems wrong. today i’m going to fix it:

ooh, such a lovely space {that i found in issue 6 of est magazine}. don’t get me wrong, i like the antlers that are hanging there now, but i’d like to add an artsy touch:

yes! this is what i’m talkin’ about! the hand-painted antlers of american artist cassandra smith. lovely. a little bit of nature brought inside – with just the perfect amount of gold paint! ok, let’s keep this nature thing going, shall we?

gah! wooden pixel sculptures by austin based artist shawn smith. i couldn’t decide between that rainbowie bird, or that amazing deer – so you’re getting both! and now for something a little different {ie., less deer antlers}, but sort of the same:

geometric nature collages by jelle martens. love! all of these images are from his series titled ‘in the quivering forest’, and i’d be quite happy to have a large-scale print of any of these pieces hanging on that lovely white fire place.

well, there you have it. i have righted my wrongs. and with that, i’m off to find more art – see you in two weeks! ~ danielle {aka the jealous curator}


  1. I was going to ask you to do a Jealous Curator for my fireplace! I’m in the process of finally finishing the white brick reno and soon I’ll have to look at options for art. I find it tricky because it’s a working fireplace and it can get a bit toasty warm, even half way up the chimney. Love these options.

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