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Hej alle! I am Catherine from Nordic Design. I am very happy to contribute to Victoria’s blog and to share a jewel of Scandinavian interiors. It is the home of Thomas and Heidi Dinesen, owners of Denmark’s leading manufacturer of exclusive flooring. It is located in Rødding, Denmark.

When I first saw the exterior of the house, with its crisp white walls, thatched roof and large, clean garden with fruit trees, I was in awe. It looks as if it came straight out of a fairytale from Hans Christian Andersen –- my childhood’s favorite.

As expected, the house features the fabulous floorboards that made Dinesen’s reputation over the years. The large whitewashed oak planks create long, clean lines that add a unique sense of elegance and calm to the place.

There is a slick, timeless and uncluttered style throughout the house, with light tones and natural materials. This enhances the sense of space, where functionality and simplicity rule.  It is a beautiful example of what the essence of Scandinavian interiors is.

Photos: Dinesen.

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  1. Clean. Simple. I love this. I am changing the inside of my home to this. The wildness of my home is awful. I will have only those things that I love.

  2. I was at Dinesen today – visiting the showroom and factory – Thomas told me about their ‘house’, but not in details. Now I fully understand why they moved out of the old factory plant and into this amazing home! Love Dinesen! #allgoodthings #danish #flooring

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