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today’s beautiful post comes from photographer michael sullivan / aka mister sullivan all the way from the u.k. michael’s sharing some of his lovely images. please enjoy them with the soundtrack from The Guillemots, Southern Winds.

Hi there, I’m Michael and I like taking photographs…Last year I moved to the heart of The Cotswolds in England, an area surrounded by countryside and friendly small villages (think thatched cottages, cream teas and everything vintage). It really is a lovely place to live and explore, but it’s lacking something that I realise I miss…the seaside.

Luckily for me my wife-to-be grew up in Dorset, right on the South Coast of England. This means we get to travel down there regularly to visit family, and of course the surrounding coastline.

We’ve had many special times down that way together, and the majority of them accompanied by those sights and sounds I never tire of… choppy waters, boat masts chiming, gulls calling…

No matter which season it is or what the weather is doing, I can’t help but relax when I’m here. There’s always something to watch, and just the sight of a single boat will make me snap happy with a camera.

Although I do enjoy winter by the seaside, there are certain benefits to a calm summers evening, and an available jetty…

• All images by / flickr / twitter.

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  1. Gorgeous photos!
    I too miss the vast waters of the coast with the smell of briny water hanging in the air. I am from California and live on the beach and now living in chicago, I miss the ocean terribly

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