luxe pins.
by Aaron De Simone comment


hello! i know you haven’t heard from me in awhile but I was busy moving from canada to san francisco! i’m finally settled and i’m really excited to share a few of my favorite recent inspirations;

a beautiful vintage mirrored copper sign from the apartment of rike döpp head of fashion pr agency v (no. 1), an egyptian inspired amulet necklace designed by kate miss made from clay and sand from a beach on the pacific ocean (no. 2), branding of the bondir restaurant by oat creative (no. 3), surfer girl photo by anne menke (no. 4), and a delicious summer recipe for a sugar plum and currant crumb tart from cannelle et vanille.

what have you been inspired by lately?

aaron from i heart luxe

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  1. YAyay! You just got me really excited…because I have reservations at Bondir tonight! I looked at that beautiful biz card just this morning. btw, the food at Bondir is out of this world ;)

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