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A happy hello from Europe, folks! I am Igor from Happy Interior Blog and beyond excited to be blogging for Victoria while she’s chasing inspiration. With this little post I’d like to share a special feeling with you – the happiness of welcoming a new season. Yup, I kinda smell autumn.

I guess you know that feeling: when the air is all crisp and fresh. The breeze is getting colder. And at nights you feel the need for that extra beloved blanket to warm you up. Nothing beats refreshing autumn days with the smell of the forest, candles at home and a good cup of coffee in your hands. The eyes behold the ever changing nature and its richness in colour and texture. It is the time when that vivid summer happiness leads over into a calmer, inner happiness. These images grasp that very feeling for me. And they come as an inspiration how to bring the calm and cosy autumn vibe into your homes. Most certainly happy homes.

Photo credits: Sheets; candles and blanket; coffee mug; forest; vases; cushions; worktops; candy dish; living room; apple cushion; bedroom; bowls; basket.

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  1. Fabulous post Igor! Somehow I am attracted to those dusty pinks … feels romantic, like old dried roses. Nice to visit SF Girl By Bay :) Thanks to you both!

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