a paint called cheerful.
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post sponsored by Sherwin-Williams.

at long last, the “after”. as you may have read in the “before” about a month ago, sherwin williams kindly offered to do a little before and after paint project on my house, which was in a sad state of affairs. it needed a paint job, and bad. i knew i wanted the main color to be their HGTV HOME by Sherwin Williams dark gray paint, called Gibralter, and the trim a lighter gray called morning fog. but i was hung up on the idea of a poppy red front door.

but ultimately, when i saw this great house, and your reaction to it, i decided on an alternate route altogether and went with their ‘cheerful yellow’ paint. that’s the real name of it, and i love it. it’s a very happy thing to come home to this yellow door each day. many thanks to HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams for giving my home a brand new look!

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  1. Looks so peppy! It really makes the house seem so cheerful and bubbling with energy. The color combination is really awesome.

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