prepare for serendipity: the flea market kit.
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Prepare yourself for serendipity, in partnership with SmartWater.

way back on november 18, 2010 i attended a dinner at the elle decor showcase house in san francisco. and on that night, i saw my dream chair. a vintage wire patio chair that rocked and swiveled, which had been re-purposed into a luxuriously unique lounge chair for indoor living with velvet cushions. that was almost two years ago, and i’ve been on a mad hunt for one ever since carrying around this picture in my head. on my flea market trip last week, quite serendipitously, i found not one — oh no. i found two!

i wasn’t even going to go to this particular flea market, but jordan rang me up and i rushed out the door to join her. had i not gone, my chairs would have in all likelihood found another home. i do this all the time with things i dream about having, go on these mad hunts, never quite finding the ideal i’ve set myself up for. and then, serendipitously, they appear out of nowhere. but, there’s also a bit of preparation involved in my treasure hunting.

no matter where i go, i always bring along my little design kit – tools that help me make the sometimes hard decision to buy. tricks of the trade, if you will. i carry a cute little pouch and inside i keep all the things i need — paint and fabric swatches and measurements from home; floorplans; my eyeglasses so i can read them; a notebook, pen and pencils for sketching out ideas and for notes i’ve taken about what i’m looking for. i carry my camera, or my iphone and this handy charger i found that charges up the life of my iphone by 50% should it run out of juice mid-picture snapping. that’s happened once too often for me, so this keeps me prepared for that inevitability. for some reason i carry my trusty vintage pocket knife, too. it just makes me feel like a real scout! the kit is easy and affordable to create and trust me, it comes in really handy!

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35 responses to “prepare for serendipity: the flea market kit.”

  1. they are gorgeous! I love that you bring a kit. I bought a dresser yesterday at a thrift store, I always forget to bring a measuring tape. I should have one permanently in my purse to be sure things can fit in our trunk.

  2. It always seems that you find more things when you’re ready to sell something. I think these are beautiful finds. Thank you for the treasure hunting tips.

  3. I love the chairs but even more so the SHEEPSKINS. They look a little more square than the usual kidney shaped ones. I’m in the market for a few. Please disclose the source!

  4. I found one, quite by accident, as well.

    Mine is also a swivel, and a rocker and has a matching ottoman.

    I’ve been designing cushions for it for some time. In my mind, always trying to fill the seat and back with a more upholstered, custom cushion. Maybe I just need to make a small pillow like I see here.

    They’re beauties!

  5. Love those chairs. I was there as well…on the hunt for vintage drinking glasses and china plates. I didn’t even see these chairs and I was there early too. I probably missed a bunch because I was so focused on glasses and china. What a great find!!

  6. Your Serendipity Kit is such a smart idea… can’t tell you how often I’m at a loss for one or another of those items when I’m out and about. I’m going to start pulling my own kit together today! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Beautiful chairs, and such a great tip. I’ve been wanting to do the flea market thing on a more regular basis, but sometimes they can feel a bit over whelming – this kit is just what I needed to feel more organized and focused on the trip. Thanks!

  8. Those chairs…are amazing. Great score! Love your kit idea. Oh and your styling photos are so beautiful, stopped me in my tracks~!

  9. Two things – first, those chairs are amazing!! Also, what a fabulous idea. I should put one of those little kids together for my flat. Genius, thanks for the tip!

  10. Mazel on th chairs! They’re rad. Wondering if you have info. on the rug in the photos? The crime colored one with the black crossed lines?

  11. fantastic. this happens to me all the time too…i have the ‘luck’ i think. have you made it over to the Treasure Island Flea yet? not as big as Alameda, but the prices are much better.

    • you definitely have the luck. and the magic touch! i have not been yet? how is it you have, and i haven’t and i live here? ;) i will check it out – kept hearing mixed reviews, but i’ll take your word!

  12. This is, as Tiedye64 said, Brilliant! I am forever losing the slips of paper that I write measurements on and I go to a lot of flea markets over here. Putting together this kit is on my list for this weekend! Thanks for the idea. And your chairs are great, are you going to make the velvet cushions?

  13. Oh my! Your chairs are just fantastic! How lucky you are! Your room looks so warm and inviting! Hope your house hunt is going well. I’m sure you will make it look just as wonderful as this home!

  14. I absolutely love those chairs and the serendipity kit is such a great idea! I have miscellaneous tape measures and notes at the bottom of my purse, but the organized pouch is much more efficient. I may have to borrow that one!

  15. I NEVER leave home without my mini tape measure. I find that design serendipity is far more likely when you have the pertinent facts. Besides lip gloss, it is the most useful tool in my purse. And thanks for pointing out that we need a cute new bag to hold this awesome serendipity kit!

  16. OMG those CHAIIIIIIRRRRRS!!!!!

    treasure island is a mixed bag. DEF not nearly as big as Alameda and every other booth is “meh”. but then the ones that ARE good (and there are many) are much more affordable.

  17. I know this post is old, but I just had to comment!
    These chairs are by Homecrest. I slowly have been collecting them. I now own the bigger chair shown in your picture, the lounger, the glider, 2 barrel chairs and the chase? (Think long narrow couch). Trying to convince my husband to let me use them all for living room furniture Haha! Love what you have done with yours♡.

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