let’s play house.
by victoria comment


i’m really loving all these playful, pastel colors that have been popping up of late. it reminds me of my wardrobe in the ’80’s. new wave! i’d love to hang amir zaki’s photograph with it’s pretty pastels on my wall — just so fun! you can even add some new life to your tired furniture’s legs with these clever ones below from prettypegs — a great idea for adding a bit of color. or maybe i want a pretty prism mobile from poketo? maybe i’d like both!

process boxes and piff by stilsucht.

Pixie faceted ring box made from salvaged Caribbean Rosewood from oh dier living.; Still Life and Collage cabinet is produced by the Italian bathroom brand Ex.t, via quiet design; handmade papers by avery thatcher, from juju wallpapers.

Handmade multi-coloured mobile by Renilde De Peuter of At-Swim-Two-Birds from fine little day; splash tray from fine little day; tones by stilsucht.

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