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austin is definitely a city that marches to the beat of their own drum … and that doesn’t stop with jo’s coffee.

best known for their “iced turbo” — this delicious, ice-cold coffee drink is like rocket fuel. it’s perfectly sweetened with a touch of mocha to cure even the harshest mid-day slump (or weekend hangover). the great thing is, it doesn’t stop there. bbq pulled pork? check. ice-cold brew? check. american spirits? check. adjacent to the san jose hotel? double check.  this is like the land of milk & honey when it comes to coffee shops. it doesn’t get much better than this people. next time you’re in the area, drop by & get your monthly quota of caffeine. you won’t be disappointed.

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nathan michael

I’m a big fan of their tuna albacore sandwich. served with a twist on a lemon parsley aioli & capers.

in some ways, texas is like college … there’s always that one guy playing guitar that no one wants to listen to :)

* all photographs by nathan michael

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  1. i have a foto of that same ‘sugars’ stand, says in very old fashion: ‘the best coffee in town’
    i’m a california native and i love [what i’ve seen so far of] the lone star state.
    <3this stretch. and across the st. amy's ice cream<33

  2. Love this post! Love Jo’s! Love SF Girl by Bay! Your awesomeness is showing up on all my local Austin FB feeds. =) Makes me smile. Love that ATX is learning about the fab Victoria Awesome. (BTW, when are you coming for a visit?)

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