gotta get away.
by victoria comment


i’ve been sick all week (bleeck), been working way too hard, and had my home sold out from under me — sounds like a sad country western song, doesn’t it? when this happens — and all at once — you know what you gotta do, right? you gotta get away. i’m thinking mr. c’s hotel is just the place to rejuveniate my spirit, feel well taken care of, and just a little spoiled. am i right? look at this place! it was just featured in lonny magazine, but i also recently heard about it from my brother, who has mr. c’s as a client. ummm, hint hint, little bro, can you get me a room at the inn? because mr. c’s in beverly hills looks like just what the doctor ordered.

• photos by patrick cline for lonny.

15 responses to “gotta get away.”

  1. Wow, that was really a quick sell. I’m sorry that’s it’s all been piling up. You deserve a break and Mr. C’s looks wonderful!

  2. Oh, that’s rough. I think your landlord should at least give you a “staging” commission for making the house so, so lovely. I hope you are able to get away this weekend to Mr. C’s or somewhere equally as lovely and rejuvenating. Take good care of yourself~

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