unexpected guests: jennifer bostic.
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Today we’re visiting a former san franciscan who’s transplanted herself to new york city, but this particular home of hers is still here in the city — a little twist on our usual unexpected guests. Jennifer Bostic is the founder of Paper Plane Studio, a graphic design firm in New York City specializing in corporate identity, packaging, print communications, exhibit design, and the overall visual culture of a company — jennifer most recently completed the design for the 2010 TED Conference. her home in san francisco is further evidence of her visual talents and is drop dead stunning. it’s also for rent, should anyone be interested in moving into a truly beautiful san francisco victorian, which jennifer decorated herself with an eclectic mix of her mid-century modern collections.

Where do you currently live?
I lived in San Francisco for 14 years, and moved to New york city three years ago.

What are a few things about San Francisco that you miss?
That cool, crisp year-round air. Walking over the Golden Gate Bridge. Tartine Bakery. Meeting my girlfriends for a dinner at Pizza Delfina. The Farmer’s Market. Flora Grubb. Wine Tasting in Napa. Oyster tasting in Tomales Bay.

Pick a place, any place…where would you go, and why?
I travel a lot on my own, usually picking a new place each year for a trip. A place I would go back to is Bhutan. I was lucky to go by myself four years ago and it was the most incredible trip of my life. It felt like I was on another planet. I spent 2 weeks there and I rarely ran into other tourists. A place that I have not been to, but hope to someday, is the Maldives. I’ve always had this romantic idea of saving that one place on the earth for when I can go with someone special.

What do you most treasure?
My freedom and sense of adventure.

If you could go vintage treasure hunting with anyone – who might that be?
Probably my girlfriends. I’ve got the most amazing friends who are talented, creative, and have a great design sensibilities. I imagine a trip to Marrakesh, requiring us to hire a shipping container to haul all our loot back.

Favorite vintage find?
My Milo Baughman white leather and rosewood sofa. I saw it at Past Perfect (in San francisco), and fell immediately in love with it. Only to find out it was on hold, and the person who had it on hold was a friend of mine! Luckily they changed their mind.

What’s currently on your turntable?
Perfume Genius. Patrick Watson. Anything Classical Guitar.

What talent do you wish you could master?
Running. I grew up being a ballet dancer, and practicing yoga. But I’ve never been able to run. My brother is an amazing athlete, so I often envy his ability.

What bores you to death?

• all photos courtesy of leslie williamson.

18 responses to “unexpected guests: jennifer bostic.”

  1. I guess I’m boring. What a turn off! Gorgeous place…my yarn spinning tattooed indie artist self is too boring for this gal. I guess being a conservative has it’s vagaries. I’m also a San Francisco native LOL

    I find stereotypes boring.

  2. I really enjoy your posts…..it is lovely to see your attention to detail and design.
    Really love your banner!

    Makes me want to come up to San Francisco more often……(one of the coolest cities in the world!) in my humble opinion.

    • Nothing in my answer should be considered ‘bashing’. It was an honest answer to a Q&A, and my own personal opinion. I find the Republican Party boring as of late, nothing about being open- or close-minded. But thanks for your enlightening comment.

  3. Love this interview, and I wish you well with your sense of adventure, I hope it takes you to new and magical places :) Where on earth did you get that aMAZing knitted throw for your bed? I would like to make one! Did you make it? Katie. XXX

    • The blanket I got at the Conrad Store in London. They had them in cream and bright orange. But I totally think you could make one if you found thick enough wood yarn!

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