and so it begins.
by victoria comment


and so it begins…my favorite part about moving, is collecting inspiration for my new home — a small guest cottage in san francisco’s noe valley. the least favorite part being the dreaded packing. therefore, i hereby vow to live more simply. to declutter and purge, feel lighter and live better. that’s my plan, and i may need you to help me to stick to it. i saw this print, a butterfly in your house, by barbara berrada and it reminded me how much i do love the idea behind living with less. i own a home full of ‘stuff’ and most of it — in truth, a great deal of it — is never used. enough. time to come clean. here’s what’s inspiring me to move on with a much lighter load, carrying with me only those things that matter most.

a perfect butterfly chair, via stella harasek’s home.

i’m going to take along just a few of my favorite prints, via les zigouis; and i like the idea of playing music on my turntable more often, like this one pearched on a saarinen side table and the other via bostad erikolsson; and i had to have this classic Mid-Century Modern Plycraft Lounge Chair, via mid century modern finds.

a great combination living – dining area, via patric johansson photography.

love this look in Rue Magazine, Photographed by Emily Johnston Anderson.

i have this lovely well-lit room in the new place which is currently being used as an office. i’m going to turn it into a cozy dining area, a bit like this one photographed by patric johanssen.

i plan on having a fiddle leaf fig, like this one from the marion house blog; another lovely butterfly chair via erik olsson; and this is nice bright dining inspiration, too, this one photographed by trine thorsen.

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  1. I am moving this week too, Victoria, and a few weeks ago just had a huge tag sale where I sold a million things that I never used and that had just accumulated in my apartment. Most things weren’t even mine- they were left behind by old roommates and friends who had moved. It was very liberating. I still have work to do—purging is sort of a long process. Good luck!

  2. I too have been learning to live with less, and I must say it does feel great! I’m not 100% there yet on the purging, but will be soon. I know you will make it a beautiful space no matter what!

  3. Having lived with less for the last two years (mainly due to not being able to unpack yet throughout the renovation process) I’ve learned you can totally live without all the “stuff!” I do still love to hoard stuff tho- I think it never leaves you :-) I vote you host a big yard sale and let us all come over and benefit from your fab taste and desire to purge!!

  4. I moved to San Jose (howdy, neighbor!) a couple months ago and used the move to declutter my life as well. It takes a little emotional effort and a whole lot of time, but it’s totally worth it. If you have fewer things then you have more space to think. Also, it’s easier to re-situate and re-design as you go. If you’re a fairly consistent optimizer like myself, you’ll be extra grateful you’ve pushed the less ideal things aside.

    Good luck with your process.

  5. We declutered like crazy with every move (transatlantic, so we didn’t have much choice) – and it felt really awesome every time. A fresh start. You only keep the things that you really love and cherish. You will feel great after this move too, no doubt!!

  6. Could you please take final photos of your old home and post? I always love seeing what you do!

    As for decluttering, my mom passed away. My brother and I went through the house…and I think my mom and dad kept everything they’ve ever owned. It was a real challenge to figure out what to take and leave…I finally figured out that leaving things behind was not leaving a piece of my heart behind or being disloyal.

    • that’s a nice idea, sue. i will try and do that. i think it is going to be featured in an upcoming magazine article, too. i’ll let you guys know when it comes out. :)

  7. Moving can be dreadful, but it is a perfect opportunity to purge without guilt and start fresh. It can be very liberating to leave things behind and curate your collection so that you can add things that take you in the direction you want to go. Stress not, well as little as possible. Good luck!

  8. it is a good idea, but when i do get rid of things, i just get more stuff. it makes me want to move into a space of my own, but that would probably be a disaster!

    good luck victoria!


  9. Living in a 250 sq ft NYC apartment means I can’t have much stuff even if I wanted to! But now I’m about to set up a second (650 sq ft) apartment in CA, and while my decorating mantra is ‘monastic’ I’m still gonna need a little bit of stuff. Do you plan on having a tag sale of any kind?

      • Where do you live. Want to tell my daughter to go to sale since she lives in San Francisco and I always forward her clips from your blog. Thanks

      • Hi Victoria,
        My first time post, but I’ve been looking at your site for years. Sooo happy you found what looks like a lovely place; as someone who’s lived in San Francisco for years, this is how finding a lovely place USED to happen. Let me second the suggestion that I’d love to see you photograph you current place before you break it totally down; actually, I think it will help you declutter because you will still have something tangible to remind you of the memories each discarded object holds. I am a firm believer in decluttering myself–but you have such great taste, I’d love to come to your yard sale! Will you be publishing another reminder before the actual event? Best wishes.

  10. Sweet! I have to say your pictures of your place never give me the impression you are a clutter bug. I need to get minimalist too… It can be daunting moving. The never ending, just one more dish to pack. It will be worth it! The White Elephant Sale take’s items all year round and proceeds go to Oakland Museum. I volunteer there, if you need someone to come by with a car! The WES trucks only go so far.

  11. Good to hear you found somewhere Victoria – and it sounds great!

    I am moving this weekend actually… my packing started off organised with a bit of purging, but now I have little time to spare, it has turned to throwing anything and everything in to any available box! I’m not looking forward to lifting wardrobes down three floors, but I am looking forward to a new brighter space.

    Hope your packing goes well and more organised than mine!

  12. I like the idea of the giant letters lying on the table and the wall… It is so simple and creative … I also like the mix between the modern style and the old antique items…

  13. Having moved twice in the last two years, I understand the dread. However, when all is said and done, and you’ve purged, imagine how good it’s going to feel! Feeling lighter is always good motivation. I’m so happy that you found somewhere, and wish you warmth and happines n your new home!

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