unexpected guests: kim fisher designs.
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this week on unexpected guests we’re visiting a charming beachy bungalow in north carolina, created by kim fisher and her husband. kim runs kim fisher designs, an event company and during wedding downtime this past July, together they built this cozy bungalow next to their pool. The bulk of materials were salvaged doors, windows and corrugated roofing that they’ve been collecting for several years — a labor of love for kim and her husband that i’m very happy to share with you. The decor and styling is also scavenged, the goal being to use what they had at hand. and while there was a trip to Habitat and a couple to Home Depot all decor was pulled from storage or handmade (kim’s current passions are succulents and terrariums). let’s head down south, shall we?

Where do you live?
Wilmington, north carolina (sometimes called Hollywood of the South). I think everyone in town is either working on a movie or TV show — except me.

What are a few things about your city that make you call it home?
The beaches, the historic intracoastal waterway, the Brasserie du Soliel (my fav restaurant) and my husband who I found here.

Favorite vintage find:
My husband…I kid. Two favorites, first several old dutch style doors pulled from an old carriage house — we have installed them all over the house inside and out. and two huge old wooden sleigh forms that we salvaged — I think they used to be a Christmas yard display. They are fantastic on my mantle during the Holidays.

What is the best way to get to know your neighborhood?
Ask my husband.

Pick a place, any place…where would you go, and why?
My mother fell in love with Scotland severals years ago — I’d take her there again along with my little brother who’s idea of black tie is wearing a kilt.

What’s currently on your turntable?
I’m currently loving Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue and Stepane Grapelli’s Paris Encounter. Grapelli always makes you feel very Parisian and who doesn’t love a little Miles at his best? Plus I don’t have time to figure out what’s cool in new music. It’s easier to pretend I’m a purist.

What talent do you wish you could master?
Walking — I’m terribly uncoordinated. I’ve been known to fall off of a flip-flop. I look like I’m falling down a flight of steps when I dance.

What do you most treasure?
Our furry babies, my six dogs who inspired me to step out of my little box and spearhead The Wilmington Fur Ball, a fundraiser that has grown into one of the biggest black-tie events in our area, that raises money for local no-kill animal shelters.

What bores you to death?
Self importance, pretentiousness and bad grammar…oh and anyone who begins a sentence with “I’m in..” or ends a sentence with “we’ll be in touch…”

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    • Brett torrey haynes- oh my gosh- don’t give my husband ideas- he wants to move it over the pool so you have to swim to the door!

  1. I love the peaceful space they created and the idea of an outside room. I also love her down to earth-ness. Had to laugh at ‘anyone who begins a sentence with “I’m in… and ends it “We’ll be in touch!” So true and funny.

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