tuesday’s girl: scarfshop.
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SCARFSHOP, the online boutique showcasing hand dyed scarves from designer Martha McQuade has an amazing new fall 2012 collection, as well as new colors in the COLORBLOCKS & ORIGINAL cotton collections. as always, Each scarf is beautifully dyed in small batches in martha’s Minneapolis studio.

Introducing martha’s latest collection for scarfshop’s second anniversary: AQUEUS, a hand dyed silk/cotton collection, inspired by the residual swirls of dyewater left in the dye bucket, each scarf starts with a carefully selected palette of colors which are allowed to mix with and repel each other directly on the fabric. The result is that while the colors are constant, each scarf is unique.

The COLORBLOCKS collection, large silk/cotton scarves hand dyed in a two color pattern, has been updated for fall 2012 with three new colorways: ochre/white, soot/white & hot coral/soot.

SCARFSHOP continues to offer the RANDOM DYE collection, which is made from the same light as air open weave fabric as the ORIGINAL cotton scarves but with a random dye pattern. Each of these scarves is completely unique and one of a kind. The random pattern develops over several weeks through the process of dyeing the solid scarves.

• all photos by sara montour.

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  1. I have been looking at different watercolor art for our new place but maybe I should buy one of these to hang as a tapestry. Then I could take it down to wear it whenever I wanted as well. :)

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