16 responses to “style + space.”

  1. Love your blog, am new but you’re already in my favourites! Great juxtapositions. Love that word, used to set myself a challenge to get it into every essay at uni!!
    good luck with the move, i still have dreams where i have to pack up and rush for the plane… even though I’ve been in this house for 25 years!
    thanks rachel

  2. So cool… That coral color that lives somewhere in-between pink and orange- does something to me!
    My head is spinning from the photograph that imitates an old hand colored one. I am having a light-bulb moment. Want one of her wallpaper hangings. They are really something.

  3. Hi Victoria,
    Don’t know why I’m just seeing this now because I’m an avid follower but, I was scrolling and all of a sudden I saw my perfectly patterned chest! lol, beautiful juxtaposition and thanks for posting. I’m obsessed with that pattern but now that I see what you’ve done, I think I’m even more obsessed!

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