8 responses to “the shutterbugs: patric johansson.”

  1. Oooh there are some seriously gorgeous rugs going on in some of these rooms! Love these spaces, perfect combination of bright white and bits of colour.

  2. Love Scandanvian influences and these are beautifully balanced – big, bold & bright! I do wish however that someone would post or do a series/book on how to embrace darker rooms with little available natural light in smaller confined spaces. A lot of us don’t have huge sunlit rooms with high ceilings and unlimited budgets.
    I loved it, for example, when you shared the challenges of your pink and blue tiled bathroom and all the fun ideasyou came up with Victoria:-)

  3. hello,
    i like your posts. I’m french from Bordeaux and i’ve just created my own facebook page to share what i love. You inspire me !
    Segolene (deco I love)

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