unexpected guests: Sarah Goldschadt.
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today’s unexpected guests is a little different — we’re visiting a home, as well as a book. we’re dropping in on new york city’s Sarah Goldschadt, the author of craft-a-day, published by quirk books and featuring over 430 pages of simple crafts broken down into weekly themes in which sarah crafted, wrote, and photographed the whole thing! By day sarah works as a graphic designer for magazines like Martha Stewart Living, Oprah, and more recently Architectural Digest, and at night she’s a craft-a-holic. Sarah knits, sews, crochets, and just can’t get enough of decorating her apartment. Heavily influenced by her Danish side — Sarah was born in Copenhagen — and thanks to Door Sixteen’s influence, she likes to keep her small studio apartment really minimal and black & white. Let’s have a look around.

Where do you live, and what are a few of your favorite things to do in your neighborhood?
I live in a 5th floor, walkup studio in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York City. Previously I had lived in Brooklyn; Des Moines, Iowa; St. Paul, Minnesota; Copenhagen, Denmark. My favorite thing to do in this city is to walk and wander. Favorite pit stops include Central Park, the Fashion District, and the High Line.

Do you have a secret spot or off the beaten path place you think we should know about?
Stiles Farmer’s Market! It looks like a circus tent in a parking lot but it’s actually home to the cheapest produce in the city.

What are your top three handmade online shops?
BKNY Clothing, Head Chop, and Eternal Sunshine.

What five things can’t you live without?

What’s on your turntable right now?
Of Monsters and Men, Head and the Heart, and Alphabeat.

What’s your favorite possession?
My collection of mini things (mostly owls) from all over the world.

do you have a favorite quote or expression?
My Grandpa’s favorite phrase: “Be Good. Have Fun. Get it Done.”

• images courtesy of Tanveer Badal Photography.

18 responses to “unexpected guests: Sarah Goldschadt.”

  1. Gosh! How inspiring!! Makes me wanna go make more earrings… ;). And I’m gonna get this book in multiples – for all my crafty buddies this Christmas!

  2. cute space (love these tours) and the book looks great, helpful! thank you both for what you share.

    and please, please – would you kindly tell me the source on that “be good have fun get it done” art? love it! thank you very much.

    said by someone who lives about ten blocks down the street from where you went to school

    • Kathy, I designed and printed the poster. I made a little tribute to my Grandpa by scanning an old photo and using his metal stencils to create his favorite saying.

      • sarah –

        what a wonderful tribute to your grandfather! so awesome, in fact, that i won’t feel bad about not being able to buy one for myself – it will just make me smile to think about love of family. and i am now inspired to make a tribute to my own family. thank you! :)


  3. YEY! Such a cute post about one of my favorite people :) LOVE the book. LOVE the crafts. Love this story about the brilliant, creative brains behind it—thanks for sharing!!
    Erin from Food & Femininity

  4. You always make me want to paint everything white! Love love love the photos and can’t wait til you come to Minneapolis!

  5. Gasp! That third photo up from the bottom! The printer’s tray used as a curio cabinet. My Granna used to do that! She had them all over her house and I’ve got one of hers in my front hall today. I’ve never seen it done anywhere else before. My Granna called them “miniature shelves.” I wonder what Sarah calls hers?


  6. Love how all the color pops against the white. For those of us living in whitewashed rentals, your place is a total inspiration:)

    • Thank you! The funny (and really dorky) thing is I painted my apartment white! It was that awful standard cream/beige color and it just HAD to be white! : )

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